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This Country Doesn’t Deserve WOMEN.

A Normal Day in India.

  • Priyanka Reddy in Hyderabad was raped and burnt alive
  •  A 25 year student was raped and murdered by 12 men in Ranchi.
  • Roja was gang raped and murdered in TN.
  •  Another girl was raped by a auto driver in Chandigarh.

#JusticeForRoja and #JusticeForPriyankaReddy

#JusticeForPriyankaReddy and #JusticeForRoja

Priyanka Reddy while Going Home in Hyderabad her Bike got punctured. After informing family members, her Mobile Went Switch Off!
Priyanka Was Raped & Burnt Alive!
No More Time For Protest & Candle Marches

After Priyanka Reddy another Girl Roja from Kanchipuram raped, brutally tortured&hanged to death.

Despite nationwide outrage,India’s rape crisis shows no signs of abating. Have we gone morally bankrupt as a civil society?

Before Nirbhaya, yesterday Priyanka Reddy and today Roja and tomorrow??? Heart wrenching it is to keep hearing this cruelest murders of this young girls who would have Dreamt of leading a beautiful life like everyone.

We dint learn anything from Nirbhaya!

it’s painful, pathetic to hear such sad story. The mindset of this kind of men’s are dangerous for the society. The real development is how we care & respect the female around us.

Some men are telling that they are ashamed of being men after this incident., but I just want to say that no need to be ashamed…actually this country doesn’t deserve WOMEN., Yes, I repeat..this country doesn’t deserve WOMEN.

Rape cases reported in just one week ( I got this info from twitter and Im not sure whether it is true or not but im sure its  not too far from the truth )

22 Nov- Uttar Pradesh
28 Nov- Rajasthan
28 Nov- Tamil Nadu
29 Nov- Hyderabad

This pic was created in the year 2012  for Delhi Gang-Rape..Still happening..around the India I think this kind pictures has to be created for Every year,Every Month,Every Day..


Pic created on 2012 after Delhi rape case


Rape has no religion. Rape is a grievous crime that is destroying the dignity and purity of a woman. When ever such incidents happen I could see people dig deep to find who are the victims and the rapists. Their religion, cast creed… . Just shut the fuck  and #HangRapists

Our outrage will be futile till we don’t understand how important it’s to work on our people and their mindset through childhood itself. School parents family everyone has to take responsibility. Instead of teaching girls not to go out teach boys not to rape.


You have just finished reading one news when the second one is trending on your timeline. Out of words. Yes #BlackFriday it is.


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