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Going to Marina Beach – Nostalgia

Wonderful Sunrise at Marina Beach


Hello friends, I am Aiswarya a homemaker and a mother of a cute kid named Dakshith now. Back then when I was studying the eighth standard in Velammal Matric Higher Secondary School, my half-yearly exams got completed during the month of December.

During my holidays, I planned to visit the beach. I asked my parents to take me to the beach for an outing. At the same time, my elder sister came with the plan of going to Vandalur Zoo or Children’s Park, Since I had gone recently to Zoo for an excursion which was organized by my school, so I didn’t like the plan of going to the zoo or park and also it’s been long since we went to the beach. So I requested my sister’s for a beach visit, after my continuous request they finally agreed and then we started to go to beach along with my Father Ragunath, Mother Arularasi, My two elder sisters Geetha and Thenmozhi and neighborhood friends Chitra, Fathima, and Priya.


The best mode of transportation to Reach Marina Beach is by Bus only and the Transportation facilities were available in good numbers to reach the beach easily. We went to Mogappair West MTC bus depot, where we were waiting for the bus, but due to the holiday, the bus was overcrowded. We nearly missed 3 buses and got into the 4th bus. As we headed towards the beach the bus got overcrowded, as a result, we reached the beach bus stop a little late. Once the bus reached the Anna square bus stop (Beach Bus stop) all the crowd got out of the bus since it is the last stop.


After I get out of the bus I felt the sea breeze and could see the sea on the distance which made me so happy. Due to the pleasant atmosphere, the beach is overcrowded and the people over there were enjoying the ambiance as I did.

Since the parking facilities are wide and spacious for two-wheelers and four-wheelers separately that makes the pedestrian reach the beach more quickly and safely. There are shops from the starting of the road to the beach end.

I saw food zones, tattoos, and gift articles shops and a lot there. The interesting thing which I noticed in the tattoo shop was a small boy was having a tattoo on his left hand. The tattoo was in the shape of a dinosaur with a lot of green colors involved. It looks very vibrant and beautiful which forced me to have a similar type of tattoo in my hand. But my sisters didn’t allow to take the tattoo on my hand as already has got late.

Then one should be careful in terms of food to choose and eat hygienic food. Bajji shops are the most famous shop on the beach. I saw a lot of Street foods like Bajji stall, Juicies, Sundal, Fresh Fish Fry at Fish stalls, sea merchandise, etc.

Gun Balloon shooting, Horse riding is also a popular attraction. I decided to ride on the horse and I consider that as one of the bravest decisions I took till date. So I took a single ride on a horse it was very much interesting but still I had a slight fear as it was the first time. But I manage to finish a single ride without any issues. I asked my sisters and friends to take up the ride but they rejected the idea.

A woman listening closely to what the kili joshiyar is telling about her future

Then I liked to see Kili joshiyam on the beach, where a Parrot picks a card from a pile of cards and the fortune teller will reveal the signs and the hidden secrets in our life ahead, based on what image is there on the card. So I pleaded with my father and mother to see what card the parrot is going to take for me and they said a big no for that. After insisting them for a while continuously they agreed finally.

Then the fortune-teller opened the door of the parrot cage and told my name and asked the parrot to pick a card for me. Then the parrot gave the card to a fortune teller and went back inside the cage.

The fortune-teller opened the card and showed the image of Lord Venkateshwara ( Lord Vishnu) to me and told me how my life will progress from now onward. There were also few palm readers, which I was not interested in.

Then along with my sisters and friends went to enjoy the wave, after a while suddenly my mother shouted at us as we have gone deep, then only we realized how far we have gone into the sea, got scared and came a little back. Then we all enjoyed the waves very well for more than an hour.

After we came out of the sea, we dried a little bit then we walked towards the road. On the way, we went to beach shops, where we bought a few items shells on which the mirrors were pasted, Shell earbuds, Pearl earrings, etc.


Yummy Bhajji stalls on the beach

And then our parents bought us Molaga (Green Chilli ) Bhajji, Raw Banana Bhajji, Potato Bhajji along With Chilli Chutney.

After eating bhajji we left the beach and went see the Memorials of Great Political Leaders of TamilNadu, Aringhar Anna, and MG Ramachandran, there my Father explained to us about Who Anna and MGR are, and what they did for our state TamilNadu, and why people still praise them, etc.

We spent nearly 3 hours on the beach. at last, while we were about to leave, we took some photos of memories.

On the way towards the bus stop, we along with my sister and friends bought Raw Mango, Pineapple and amla sprinkled with Chilli powder on the top.

We reached the bus stop, it was crowded with people, somehow we managed to catch a bus and at 8 pm we reached our area bus stop, then I along with my sisters and friends talked about today’s experience till we reached our home safely.
Whenever I see those photos I am remembered of those good old days enjoyed with my family. Those memories will always be remembered. Nostalgia

– Aiswarya 

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